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Sliding Door Company Vancouver Canada
Sliding Door Company Vancouver Canada

If you are looking for the best sliding door company Vancouver Canada then you are going to want to find a Company that offers a wide variety and styles of sliding doors for sale as well as has the knowledgeable door contractors to install them. The more sliding door styles and brands you have to choose from the more likely you will be to find the exact sliding door you want to meet your needs and your home decor.

Where Sliding Door Shine

Most people know that glass sliding doors can increase the beauty of your home, let in more sunlight and give you access to your patio, deck or garden. However, not every sliding door needs to be made of glass or give you access to the out of doors in order to shine in your home. Here are some places where sliding doors can be highly functional and look beautiful.

  • Closets– with limited bedroom space having a sliding closet door can save you valuable real estate in your home while making your bedroom looking beautiful. Sliding closet doors can be made from a number of materials and mirrored sliding closet doors can serve a dual purpose saving you even more space.
  • Offices– Modern offices often have sliding doors which not only saves space, but gives a luxurious look to many offices while still allowing for private conversations. Most offices sliding doors are glass and use blinds when they absolute privacy is needed.
  • Utility Rooms- Having a small utility room can make apartment living far more convenient and having a sliding pocket door can make that tiny utility room more spacious and roomy.
  • Bathrooms and Bedrooms- Some homes and apartments also use sliding doors for their bedrooms and bathrooms. Normally made of wood or in Asian inspired decors Shoji screens these doors allow for extra space while still allowing for complete privacy.
  • Sliding Screen Doors- Many balconies and patios in Vancouver Canada are extremely small so having a sliding screen door that allows light and air into your apartment while saving space and allowing air flow into your apartment.

Types of Sliding Doors to Choose From

There are a few common types of sliding doors, and each of these types of doors are manufactured under different brand names and come in a variety of designs. Types of sliding doors you may be interested in include:

  • Pocket Doors- Pocket doors are so named because when the door is open it slides out of sight into pocket or compartment built into the wall. These doors are great for places that have extremely limited space and are often used for closet, and utility room doors although they can be used for other rooms in your apartment or office.
  • By Pass Doors- By pass doors are normally double sliding doors. They are named by pass doors because when one door is open it slides passed the other door. When closed the doors are adjacent to one another. By Pass Doors can be made from wood, fiber board and other materials and can be found in closets, showers, bedrooms, bathrooms, and as barriers between the exterior and interior of your home.
  • Arcadia Doors- Arcadia doors are rectangle in shape and are normally made of class and often referred to as patio doors since these types of doors normally form a barrier between the interior and exterior of your home or apartment.
  • Modified French Doors- Modified French Doors is a type of sliding door that has the style of French doors with the space savings of sliding doors. Many Modified French doors consist of 4 panels and provide your home with a more elegant look and feel. These doors are often although not always used as a barrier between the interior and the exterior of your home.
  • Sliding Screen Doors/ Storm Doors- Sliding screen doors and storm doors are great for those people who want to let air into their homes, while being able to provide for extra blockage of air during the winter months. If you have limited space then a sliding screen door or a screen/storm door combination may be good option.
  • Shoji Screens- Shoji Screens are somewhat less popular among the general public than other types of sliding doors, but may be an excellent choice for those homes with Asian decor or for Asian type businesses such as tea shops and restaurants.

Do Keep in mind that if you can’t find a sliding door in the style or to fit your available door space many sliding door companies Vancouver Canada offer you the choice of having your sliding doors custom made. This may entail choosing a sliding glass door style that you like and having specific etching work or frosting done on the door to actually having a sliding door made from scratch to your specification

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