Residential Door Repair & Install Service in North Vancouver

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Residential Repair & Install Service
Residential Repair & Install Service

In normal Residential Repair & Install Service premises, there are between 10 and 20 doors. These doors are always being opened and closed, which leads to wear and tear. Larger homes will have more than 20 doors, interior, and exterior. At residential premises, unlike in a commercial setting, when a door stops functioning, you will notice within a day or two. This is so, as most of the doors are in constant use. Because you are the boss at home, all you need is to ensure that the door is repaired as fast as possible. In North Vancouver, call (778) 927-2950 and request an estimate.

Understanding Doors in Your residential premises

Understanding the entryways in your home is a great first step towards fixing a problem. With knowledge, you can isolate and identify problems, and get instant fixes. In some cases, you find that your aluminum doors, kalamein doors, or metal doors just need oiling and nothing big to install. This is a small problem that you can easily take care of. When you call now for door repair or installation service, with good knowledge on doors in your home or office, it becomes easier for you to explain the problem. With that, we will know the tools to carry and give you a fair free estimate.

When you need a locksmith or other services that you cannot tackle in your house, such as replacement of doors, call (778) 927-2950 and we will be at your door. We customize our door services to suit you.

Some common doors include:


These are doors that separate the outside from the interior of your home. These doors protect your home and, therefore, need to stay functioning at all times. Entry doors are the main doors in your home. In this case, these include front doors and the back doors. You can customize these doors to meet the security measure you need and add curb appeal to your house.

An entry door will, in most cases, be a swing-door with or without glass panels on them. In most cases, these doors have insulation material and separate weatherstripping. They can be wood doors, her culite doors or kalamein doors. Any material is fit for back and front doors as long as it offers enough security.

A patio or sliding door opens into a patio, deck or porch. They are also exterior-doors that require maintenance, frequent repairs, and sometimes, replacement. A sliding door, in most cases, is made of glass and rollers that move through a track. Some of the problems you might experience with a sliding door include door sticking on the track, the door won’t close or won’t open, or the rollers get noisy.

Garage Doors

Garage doors are big. They are also the most complicated doors in your home. When your garage door develops a small problem, you need to contact a North Vancouver contractor near you at (778) 927-2950 and get help immediately. With the highest quality service, your garage door problems can be halted.


Interior doors are inside your house. These doors do not actively insulate your home, but they may be used for security purposes. In most cases, however, these doors are used for privacy and concealment. These doors include bathroom, bedroom, closet doors and others.

Most interior doors are swinging doors. These doors include the bathroom doors, closet doors, basement, dens and media rooms. The doors offer concealment and privacy. Pocket doors are also used interiorly in situations where space is limited. These doors slide into walls, providing more floor area. They are mostly used in bathrooms, and they have special problems and special needs that need a professional contractor near you to address.

Interiorly, sliding doors may also be used on closets. Here, there are two or more leaves that slide along a track to allow access to items in a closet. Bi-fold doors are normally used in closets. They have gained popularity in the last few decades thanks to their low installation cost and their ease of maintenance. These doors allow you to open your closet entirely at the same time.

Both interior and exterior doors are made of different materials including:

• Wood
• Metal
• Composites,
• Aluminum
• Kalami doors among others.

Residential Service in North Vancouver

When you need residential door repair or installation in North Vancouver, you can call now and request a free estimate. Unlike commercial doors, residential install services, whether on the aluminum door or any other material besides aluminum, are relatively cheap. When you call, expect us in your home in less than 20 minutes. If you can explain your problem clearly, our estimates are almost perfect. Irrespective of the problem you have, we offer you the highest quality services with 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are your local repairers and door installers and we install and have serviced hundreds of residential homes for a long period. Call us now at (778) 927-2950.

Residential Repair & Install Service in North Vancouver Just Call Us Now: (778) 927-2950


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